Caso ProHygiene - Crecimiento durante la crisis

Feb 09, 2021

Growth through Crisis

Rodrigo Labbé is ProHygiene´s General Manager, a professional hygiene systems company, which has successfully kept growing throughout the pandemic crisis with the mentoring of Scaling Up Coaches Mari Soler and Jose Muñoz.

The 4 Decisions has allowed his team to win INSIGNE Trophy 2019 as the Top operation Franchise in Latin America and allowed them to maintain their focus on the ProHygiene Culture throughout the changes and challenges in this new economy.   

In 2018 Rodrigo was facing two main challenges; he needed to grow the company's cash flow and free up time to focus on the organization's leadership.  Time was consuming on day to day tasks, preventing him from focusing on cash flow which was the other company´s big pain point.  

He started Allagis´ Titanes Program ScalingUp by implementing a One Page Strategic Plan which helped them grow during that quarter. The leadership team defined a very aggressive goal, which the team embraced with focus, alignment and commitment, the theme of this quarterly rock was a big part of its success making everyone in the organization involved in it  which led them to accomplish their goal one month prior to the due date.

 *Celebration of the Theme of the quarterly objectives completed.

Rodrigo has a special focus on Culture, a huge work on communicating and aligning the organization with core values, purpose, BHAG and promise made the difference.  When lockdown came and everything changed in 2020 the accountability and people focus culture made home office transition quick and smooth.

After two and a half years of Titanes´ Scaling Up implementation he now has the cash the organization needs to keep growing and a self-managed company in which team members are accountable to each other.

Nowadays Rodrigo can think and define the course of ProHygiene and enjoy both his and its growth and leading process.


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